Do’s & Don’ts Of SMS Marketing

Everyone has a cellphone now, we all text, we’re all constantly connected, no matter  where we are. Having this channel of communication is an incredible opportunity for any business, through the use of SMS advertising: your customers get a small message alerting them to any specials or sales you’re having, or a particular product you want to bring to their attention. There are some rules, however, to perfecting SMS marketing.

On the whole, you want to remember that your customer’s privacy is key. They should only receive messages if they’ve explicitly agreed to it, and they should be able to cancel at
any time: make the act of SMS advertising a mutual decision, and the customer will respond in a much more friendly and respectable manner.

Moreover, the customer has control of how and when the SMS advertising is terminated. At their discretion, the advertising can end immediately: don’t force them into a situation they don’t want to be in. Through this, you’ll keep your customer base well informed, satisfied, and happy.

When you send an SMS advertisement, you’re limited by a character cap of 140 words; you want to the point with all of your advertisements. Eliminate extra words while maintaining readability and professionalism with your message: stay far away from popular texting jargon. Your message should be readable to the broadest of audiences, and plain English is the way to get this across.

Hooks are the purpose of SMS advertising. If I send a message out, I should get customers into my business in return. You do this by making sure you’re targeting a receptive audience, and tailoring the message to fit your customer group. In doing so, it’s akin to sending bait out on a fishing rod: you want to give the fish just enough to entice it to come further in, but not so much that he’ll take the bait and be satisfied.

SMS advertising is a valuable tool for any 21st century business, and if you follow the rules outlined here you’ll make it a safe, unobtrusive way to generate extra income and customers. Moreover, it will entrench your existing customer base, and make them feel
happier about shopping with your business.

Gisela Beckermann

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